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Aero Engine & Component Test Facilities

محرك ايرو ومنشآت اختبار المكونات

منذ عام 1990 ، لدينا  المكتسبة  نقدم خدماتنا الهندسية الشهيرة عبر مجموعة من القطاعات. قامت شركة Aerotest بتصميم وتطوير وتوفير مرافق اختبار الطائرات ومحركات الطائرات بنظام تسليم المفتاح متعدد الأغراض في جميع أنحاء العالم.
نحن ملتزمون بتوسيع نطاق منتجاتنا من خلال التصميم المبتكر ، الذي يتمحور حول إيجاد الحلول الأكثر ذكاءً والأمثل باستخدام أحدث التطورات في التكنولوجيا والتصميم.

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Jet Engine Test Facility

Turbofan Multi Engine Test Facilities

Turbofan Multi Engine Test Facilities

At Aerotest we take a collaborative, adaptable and transparent approach with all our Customers from design through to installation and follow on support.

Our expert engineering team are equipped with the latest in 3D design technology and the diverse skills needed to meet the various challenges surrounding the engine & component testing environment;

ensuring all technical specifications are met and expectations exceeded.

Jet Engine Test Facility Outdoor Testing

Turbofan Mobile Engine Test Systems (METS)

Turbofan Mobile Engine Test Systems

At Aerotest we “think outside the box” to develop the world’s first truly mobile TRI-METS into a QUAD METS. Not only adding a fourth “turboprop” engine type but a “turbofan” both in FADEC and Hydro-Mech configurations.
The adaption, still provides the capability to test C130H, C130J Hercules QECU with flight propellers and the Lockheed AP-3C Orion QECU.

Engine Test Bed

Turboshaft Engine Test Facilities

Turboshaft Engine Test Facilities

Multi-purpose adaptable Helicopter Engine Test Trollies and Test Cells. This test system provides the testing flexibility by utilising a single production test trolley for all medium size helicopter engine permutations.

Test Trollies also available for Turbo-Prop dynamometer testing.

Engine Test bed

Turbo-Prop Multi Engine Test Systems (METS)

Turbo-Prop Multi Engine Test Systems (METS)

Aerotest specialise in flexible and custom test solutions; providing a safe and efficient environment, using the latest advancements in technology.

Our comprehensive capabilities extend to both indoor and outdoor; installed or uninstalled; Turbo-Prop test solutions, including our

Mobile Engine Test Systems (METS).

All Aerotest facilities have been validated and approved by the OEM's.

Fuel Nozzle Test Facility

Fuel Nozzle Spray Pattern Test Facilities

Fuel Nozzle Spray Pattern Test Facilities

Our range of Universal Fuel Nozzle Spray Pattern/Pressure Testing Facilities are designed to be compact, mobile, user friendly and cost effective. 

Aerotest have produced Fuel Nozzle Spray Pattern Test Facilities to verify a wide range of fuel nozzles.  Our Test Facilities are readily adaptable to test various fuel nozzles configurations.

Auxiliary Power Unit APU Test

Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Test Facilities

Auxiliary Power Unit Test Facilities

Aerotest have provided a wide range of Auxiliary Power Unit Test Facilities (APU Test Facilities) for the engine OEM.Our facilities are designed to test auxiliary power units at various test conditions with both resistive and inductive computerised generator loading systems, together with full performance analysis.

T56 Fuel Test Rig

Fuel Accessory Test Facilities

Fuel Accessory Test Facilities

We design and supply a range of multi-purpose and universal Fuel Accessory Test Facilities. Our multi component test facilities are designed for a wide range of flows, pressures and drive speeds. For production versatility and improved quality, we offer a high speed, real time data acquisition system for test recordings.

Hydraulic Test Rig

Hydraulic Accessory Test Facilities

Hydraulic Accessory Test Facilities

Aerotest design and supply Turnkey Multi-purpose Universal, Pre-commissioned Hydraulic Test Facilities. Providing a safe and efficient test environment with ergonomically designed brushed stainless steel panels, ensuring exceptional durability and quality.

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