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Test Facility Engineering: Welcome
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Test Facility Engineering Consultancy

Test Facility Upgrades

Many aero engine test facilities in operation today are in need of upgrading to either take advantage of modern instrumentation and control systems or to add new engine capability.

Our engineers have all the experience needed to successfully convert old test facilities to more modern testing environments and to integrate new engine types into the facility.

We have vast experience in liaising with engine manufacturers to ensure that the conversion is carried out to their exacting requirements and also provide technical assistance during the cross correlation (facility approval) stage.


Application Test Software

Our engineers are able to produce bespoke engine and component test software, the software code at the heart of the system is designed for any customer specified engine test procedures and can be specifically tailored to the customer requirements.


Instrumentation & Control

Aerotest are extremely experienced in designing and providing aero engine test facility instrumentation and control which includes installation/ commissioning and support.

Our engineers are able to produce bespoke turn-key instrumentation and control solutions, including Aerotest’s modern supportable systems, to run within the MS Windows operating environment.

Our engineers will analyse a customers requirements, detail both the hardware and software needed to fulfil the project goals.

Our modern instrumentation and control systems will greatly improve the efficiency of a test facility, the data collected can automatically be archived, trended and analysed to give the test engineers reliable fault finding and problem diagnostic information.

The screen displays and the type of information presented can be customised, therefore providing the operator with the best possible working environment.

Engine Overhaul Centres & Engine Assembly Tooling

Aerotest are able to offer a full design consultancy service for new engine and repair overhaul centres, complete with Engine Assembly Tooling, NDT and chemical cleaning systems. Working closely with the client, we are able to provide the best modern approach to flexible engine repair and overhaul centres design and usage.


For more details, please contact us.

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