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Test Facility Project Management: Welcome

Test Facility Project Management Consultancy

Air Force Maintenance Strategies

We are happy to assist Air Forces with technical maintenance and support services planning to ensure that all aspects of the MRO operations are detailed when composing an in-country strategy.

Tender Production

Technical tender production in your choice of electronic media formats for submission to third parties to quotation purposes is sometimes just as difficult as the task of designing the end requirement. It is imperative that the tender documents detail exactly what is required. Working closely with the customer, we can produce a tender specification which will ensure that all of the technical aspects of the project requirements are detailed to the supplier at the tender stage. This will ensure that the companies tendering for the project will incorporate all of the companies requirements, making it much easier to evaluate their offers.

Tender Evaluation

We offer a completely unbiased tender evaluation service which will highlight to you the precise offers from prospective suppliers. Aerotest will produce a detailed report covering all of the suppliers tender submissions, make comparisons and clarify the technical aspects of the tender. Technical projects invariably require the you to be able to verify exactly what the supplier intends to include within the scope of supply and sometimes this information is difficult to precisely ascertain. Aerotest can help with this process.


Feasibility Studies

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a feasibility study service. Prior to allocating vast sums of money and resources to a project it is often necessary to produce a feasibility study to verify the projects viability. This is sometimes best carried out by a third party to keep the companies’ plans or aspirations secret prior to announcing the companies intentions to both the rest of industry and to the general work force. Full technical and commercial feasibility studies are undertaken to include both written reports and outline designs in CAD format. Aerotest can produce drawings in AutoCAD 2D/ 3D and Electrical formats in the latest versions to suit customer requirements.

For more information, please contact us.

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