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Fuel Nozzle Spray Pattern Test Facilities

Fuel Nozzle Spray Pattern Test Facilities

Aerotest have designed, developed and supplied range of compact, mobile, user friendly and cost-effective fuel nozzle spray pattern test facilities, designed to verify a wide range of nozzles, including: -

  • Rolls Royce Alison T56-A14/A15

  • Honeywell TPE 331 all series

  • Pratt & Whitney PT6A series

  • Pratt & Whitney PT6-67C

  • GE CT7 & T700

  • GE CF34


Our unique spray angle 3D measuring system captures angles and patterns in one single event throughout the range of flows and pressures, without complex lasers that can frequently fail, or the use of telescopes close to harmful test fluid fumes.

The system provides for fuel nozzles flushing, segmentation measurement (T56) and proof pressure testing to OEM recommended test schedules. The fuel nozzle spray pattern test facility is readily adaptable to test alternative fuel nozzles in the future.

Each facility is pre-commissioned prior to delivery on a “Turnkey” basis and can be designed to test any fuel nozzle required.

A Turnkey Pre-commissioned Fuel Nozzle Spray Pattern Test Facility includes the following:-


  • A fully mobile brushed stainless steel cabinet integral sink, spray/ viewing chamber and flow  check fixture with an ergonomically angled control panel containing all necessary instrumentation and controls to operate the facility.

  • A fluid temperature control unit, connected to the test facility cabinet to maintain the temperature of the fluid within the tank to required limits.

  • All equipment used in the facility is fully compatible with MIL-PRF-7024E type II operating fluid (commonly known as calibrating fluid).

  • The fuel nozzle under test can be viewed through a clear perspex spray chamber. The spray  chamber consists of an access door and specific test tooling which is located on top of the main spray test chamber support plate.

The spray pattern test chamber provides for the following capability:-

  • Flushing of fuel nozzle.

  • Verification of fuel nozzle spray angle.

  • Spray angle measurement at a defined radius from tip.

  • Spray pattern symmetry for a full 360-degree spray pattern from the fuel nozzle as the target plate has concentric circular groves showing whether the spray pattern is symmetrical and determines if the fuel nozzle is streaking.

  • The fuel nozzle spray angle can be determined by the markings on a central located protractor which is mounted onto the target plate, the protractor measures spray angles between 20º to 120°.

  • Additional tooling is also included to carry out both the fuel nozzle proof pressure test and the segmentation patternator test.

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