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Re-Useable Aero-Engine Bags: Our Services
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Aero-Engine Protection Bags

Aero-Engine Protection Bags

C-130H Hercules QEC Standard Tailpipe


Our reusable Aero-Engine Protection Bags are produced as one assembly, and are unique in size and shape to the individual application, allowing us to provide bespoke aero-engine storage for any engine variant required and offering complete protection against moisture, dust ingress, plus other corrosive elements in the external ambient environment.

C-130H Hercules QEC Extended Tailpipe

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Patented Design

We are the Original Equipment Manufacturer for the only truly vapour proof reusable Engine Protection Bags in the world.We designed our Aero-Engine Protection bags to completely protect Engine Power Plants from the corrosive environment when storing/transporting.

Environmentally Safe

Single use bags and barrier films can become inefficient, costly and damaging to the environment. Unlike any other product on the market, Aerotest's Aero-Engine Protection Bags are completely reusable and environmentally compatible, resulting in no waste. The ability to use our protection bags time and time again offers substantial cost and environmental savings.

 Quality Assurance
Quality and reliability is at the forefront of all our designs, which is why our Aero-Engine Protection Bags have been tested and approved by Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney and GE. 
We have now designed, developed and supplied these and other applications for Defence Forces across the world.

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All Re-Useable Aero-Engine Protection Bags are available in a range of colours. Each are individually serial numbered for customer identification and traceability.

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