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Ground Support Equipment
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Propeller Protection Bags

Storage & Transport Solutions for Propeller Systems

Dowty R391

Installed on C-130J and C-27J Aircraft platforms.

Approved by Lockheed Martin.

Hamilton Standard 54H60-91/117

Installed on C-130E-H Aircraft Platforms.

Hamilton Standard 54H60-77

Installed on P-3 Orion Aircraft platforms.

Collins NP2000-7/-11

Test Facility Project Management

Operated globally on C-130, E-2 & C-2 fleets. Supplied as a complete unit with all the necessary components to cover and protect the entire system fully assembled. The blade sleeves supplied as part of the complete unit can be used as standalone working unit for single blades requiring transport or storage when undergoing maintenance.

Freight Damage
Often initial minor repairs suddenly become significantly more costly when further damage occurs during handling, storage or shipment. Despite being thoroughly secured, upon leaving the shop there is no avoiding common forklift damage, dropping, or shipments being placed upside down or on its side during transit.
Unlike foil covers or wrapping films, Aerotests Re-Useable Propeller Protection Bags are designed to protect against susceptible impact damage during storage or transit via road, sea or air. Each bag consists of a protective cover for the central hub, a protective rear hub closure disc and highly padded blade sleeves using polypropylene plates. Our bags are proven to protect against substantial damage and offer far greater protection than sheet foam.


Environmental Damage
Our Re-Useable Propellor Protection Bags offer protection from corrosive damage caused by moisture, humidity, salt spray, oxidising agents and other airborne elements, as well as dust ingestion and impact damage.

Sustainability and Accessibility
Single use bags and barrier films can become inefficient, costly and damaging to the environment when being used as temporary storage or recurrent maintenance access is required. Unlike any other product on the market, Aerotests Propeller Protection Bags are completely reusable and environmentally compatible, resulting in not just "low waste" but no waste.


The ability to use our Propeller Protection bags time and time again offers substantial cost savings without the need for heat sealers and the extra associated costs.
Each blade sleeve is secured individually, allowing every blade to be independently and easily accessed.
The propeller assembly does not have to be removed from the storage and transport stand to install the Propeller Protection Bag.

Can't find what you are looking for below, contact us and our Design Team will be happy to create a bespoke solution for any air rotor, main rotor or propeller blade you require.

All Re-Useable Propeller Protection Bags are available in a range of colours. Each are individually serial numbered for customer identification and traceability.

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