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Test Facility Support: Welcome

Test Facility Support Services

In-Service & Follow On Support

Aerotest are able provide total in-service support as well as provide follow on support services, tailored to each customer’s unique requirements for Aerotest test facilities and facilities designed and built by others.

In-Service Support can include providing technical representatives, to be located on the customer’s site at all times to ensure that the facility is always available for testing.

Our technical representatives provide the user with an unsurpassed level of confidence, ensuring that all of the technical queries and maintenance issues are performed to the customer’s satisfaction.

A Follow on Support Contract may include:

  • On and off-site facility calibration services.

  • Scheduled maintenance and general onsite support.

  • Remote offsite technical support to provide system troubleshooting and engineering solutions.

  • Detailed onsite facility survey and reporting.

  • Supply installation and commissioning of spares.

  • Engine test data trending service.

  • Software Upgrades.

  • Hardware Upgrades.

Calibration Services

On-site and off-site Calibration Services are available for all Aerotest designed Test Facilities and other manufacturer Test Facilities.

Aerotest provides Calibration Services for:-

  • Pressures (Gauge and Absolute)

  • Temperatures (Thermocouples and RTDs)

  • Voltages

  • Current

  • Frequency

  • Vibration

  • Calibration of equipment supported by a certificate that is traceable to a national standard.

  • Review of current calibration procedures and schedules of customer owned equipment to determine accuracy.

  • Register of equipment, including calibration certificates.

Software Support:-

  • Aerotest software engineers are able to provide support services for software applications written and developed by ourselves and others.

  • The support offered can range from software maintenance, upgrades, user guides ensuring customer satisfaction, maintainability and version control.

For more information, please contact us.

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