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Hydraulic Test Facilities: Welcome
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Hydraulic Accessory Test Facilities

Hydraulic Accessory
Test Facilities

Aerotest have designed, developed and supplied range of Multi-Purpose Universal Hydraulic Accessory Test Facilities. Each facility is Pre commissioned prior to delivery on a “Turnkey” basis, for the repair and overhaul of airframe accessory components. Our high pressure hydraulic test facilities are designed for a wide range of flows, pressures and drive speeds. An optional high speed real time data acquisition system for production versatility and improved quality of test recording is available depending upon the facility design and customer requirements.

Jet Engine Test Facility

A Turnkey Multi-purpose Universal, Pre-commissioned Hydraulic Test Facility includes the following:

  • Ergonomically designed brushed stainless steel panels for durability, eliminating FOD risks associated with painted surfaces.

  • Self-sealing, stainless steel panel couplings for fast adaptability, safety and cleanliness.

  • A multi-adaptable hydraulic pump drive head, with variable speeds up to 15,000 RPM, thus providing true long term flexibility.

  • Clockwise/Anti-Clockwise digital controls for the DC Thyristor drive speed, for enhanced productivity and test accuracy.

  • A Hydraulic Pressure Power Unit and Chiller Unit to accurately maintain test fluid temperatures.

  • Integral mains power distribution panel, with low voltage 24 Volt D.C contactor control for personnel safety.

  • The operational capabilities are nominally designed to provide hydraulic oil at pressures and flows up to 5000 psig, 40 Lt/min flows, with temperature control between 10 to 45° C at an ambient temperature of 50°C.

  • A high pressure static test capability of up to 10,000 psig.

  • Aerotest’s proven high speed data acquisition systems and PC-Based component test software (optional).

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